Intellimech Partner of T4 Erasmus European Project

07/04/2017 - Transnational Technology Transfer Training: Training Blueprints for Accelerated Growth

General objective: Increase and upgrade skills and competences of European SMEs in the field of transnational technology transfer and accelerate public and private stakeholder organizations in increasing their responsiveness to SMEs skills needs.


Specific Objective 1 : mind the gap between SMEs and transnational technology innovation processes (simplify technological and R&D language +  set up a competence identification mechanisms to accelerate and better finalize training processes.

Specific Objective 2 : establish a permanent, transparent, recognition oriented, evolving & multi-actor training mechanism which will allow to respond to the needs of SME’s.

Specific Objective 3 : increase institutional capacity and awareness of responsible actors of industrial, technological and training policies about the role of transnational technology transfer for SMEs and extend cooperation between SMEs, Research, Service Providers and VET& Training System actors.


  • SMEs: Board members, Managers, Technical and administrative staff
  • Cluster Organizations: technical staff, consultants
  • R&D Centres: technical staff
  • Technology and Business Development Centres: technical staff, consultants
  • VET and Higher Education: trainers, researchers, technical staff, administrative staff
  • Economic Development Bodies (Regional Development Agencies, Governance levels designing policies)

Further information: http://t4.p-tech.si/